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Who We ARE

United Methodist preaching and teaching is grounded in Scripture, informed by Christian tradition, enlivened in personal experience, and tested by reason.

Church History 

   In 1806, a parcel of land known as Liberty Hill was granted by William Sinclar and Benjamin Dodd to church trustees “for the purpose of a house for Divine Worship.” The Methodist Episcopal congregation built a church, naming it Liberty Church, which was to accommodate and be shared by other church congregations. The Methodists were the Methodist Episcopal from the beginning. It became Methodist Episcopal South after the church split in 1844.

   The Methodist Episcopal Church South reunited with the Methodist Church in 1939. It became the present day Liberty United Methodist Church in 1968. From there, the church has grown in numbers and traditions with the addition of an expanded social hall in the early 2000's, new technology and renovations, still with all the beauty and glory that the Lord and His followers intended there to be.